Carol Baird Fund for Graduate Field Research 2017 Awardees Announced

Carol Baird on horseback

The 2017 awardees for the Carol Baird Fund for Graduate Field Research  have been selected. Students will begin work in their respective reserves in 2018. We look forward to following their research progress and outreach efforts. Please congratulate the following students on their outstanding research proposals. 

  1. Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters from Integrative Biology / Environmental Science Policy & Management to work in Angelo Reserve.
  2. Jesse Hahm  from Earth & Planetary Sciences, will work in Sagehorn, associated with Angelo Reserve.
  3. Prahlada Papper from Integrative Biology, will work in Angelo, Hastings and Blue Oak Ranch Reserve.
  4. Gabriel Rossi from Integrative Biology, will work within and outside of Angelo. 
  5. Jiao Yi from the Geography Department will work in Sagehen.

There next round of applications will open in September, 2018. 

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